My name is Trish and I’ve been a wedding planner for 15 years here in hot and humid Houston, Texas. (go Texans!)

Planning a wedding is no simple task. It can become frustrating and cause a lot of tension. To eliminate such problems, it is best to hire a planner. Here are some tips for finding a professional to help with wedding planning in Houston, Texas.

Do you know someone who was recently married? Did they use a wedding planner? If so, this is a great way to find the right planner for you. You can avoid having to go through the process of weeding through the bad ones and good ones until you find the right one!

If you are unable to find a wedding planner through through the recommendation of someone you know, use the Internet. You can search for planners in your area and see reviews from what past customers had to say.

Finally, never choose a wedding planner in Houston, Texas without checking their credentials. Are they registered with the Better Business Bureau? Do they have the proper licensing to run this type of business? If a potential planner does not have the above credentials, they may not be a reliable business and you may not receive the services you are looking for. Below is a testimonial from a client of mine.


Found A Great Person for Wedding Planning In Houston, Texas

My fiance proposed to me and after we set a date for our wedding, I wanted to start planning it. I wanted to make sure it was the perfect wedding and perfect day. In order to make it all go more smoothly, I decided I would start looking for a person that does wedding planning in Houston, Texas.

I started searching by asking a friend of mine if they knew or heard of any wedding planners in the area. My friend told me she did happen to know a girl that plans weddings and told me her name. She said I could look her or her business name up on Facebook and get the phone number from there or even contact her that way.

I was easily able to find both her personal Facebook page and the one for her business. I sent her a message on Facebook and told her that my friend told me about her and I asked what she would charge to plan a wedding.

After she gave me her price, I hired her and she has been really great to work with. She has taken lots of stress off my shoulders.